Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Hot and Cold Pressure Washers

Anyone that is adult and responsible and has either an industrial, commercial, or residential, reason to clean with a pressure washer can use a pressure washer. The user should wear protective apparel as well as goggle to protect the eyes and a hard hat to protect the head. This is enough water force to break bones and tear off flesh. In order to put this into perspective; keep in mind that the pressure washer is strong enough to break up asphalt.    

A pressure washer is a machine that removes dirt and debris from all surfaces whether they are buildings or flat surfaces such as driveways and roadways. The pressure washers are powered by either gas or electricity and can either be purchased or rented. Whether you wan to use a gas powered or electrically powered pressure depends entirely on the job it will be doing. If the area to be cleaned is indoors that the gas powered pressure washer would be right as the fumes could be deadly. For indoors the electrically powered pressure washer would be best. Using the gas powered pressure washer outdoors is best because you do not have to look for power outlets and the fumes will be able to dissipate outdoors. The pressure a washer dispenses is very forceful as it can dispense up to 2000 of pressure per pound of each square inch (psi). While and industrial or commercial pressure washer can dispense as much as 30,000 psi.

Pressure washers are basically made up of three parts: The motor that will operate the water pump, a hose that will allow the water to flow through it, and an off and on switch that controls the water pressure and looks something like a gun trigger. The nozzles that the pressure washer uses vary and which nozzle is used depends on the job that has to be done.


A pressure washer can be severely damaged if the user tries to demand more pressure than the washer has water source for. For that reason you should have the proper water pressure. There should be enough water pressure to equal the pressure of the washer.  Use the right nozzle for the job as the nozzles can accommodate the job requirements because they can send a thin water jet or a triangular spray of water for the larger jobs.

Detergents can be used with pressure washer nozzles. The detergent can be injected in two different ways: the detergent can be used after the water leaves the pump or, it can be used prior to the water coming into the pump. You can use either hot or cold water in a pressure washer. Cold water is usually used for general cleaning jobs while the hot water is used to clean stubborn dirt and debris as well as grease and oil.

The use of extreme caution cannot be stressed enough as the pressure washer is a dangerous machine to use, especially to a new user. The pressure of the water is so intense that it can break bones and tear off flesh. To see this is perspective; the pressure washer is strong enough to break up asphalt. Besides wearing goggle, the user should also wear proper apparel while using the pressure washer. While using the pressure washer there will be a lot of dirt and debris that will be loosened and propelled into the air and can injure the user as well as anyone that would be standing near where the job is being done. A bit of extra caution can help you to use the pressure washer with more confidence even for the first time.

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  1. It is very true the dangers you mention about pressure washers. It's important for people to use extra precaution when operating a pressure washing machine.